LOOP Policy Seminar in Slovenia!

On September 13 and 14, 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a Policy Seminar was organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport), presenting the policy recommendations that have been developed in the framework of LOOP. The participants were teachers, principals, as well as policy makers.
The seminar can overall be characterized as a success, with the participants being engaged in the discussion, offering feedback and constructive solutions. They were in agreement with the policy recommendations suggested by the consortium, but they also had some suggestions for improvement.
More specifically, the participants had some remarks to make regarding the role of the mentor. They pointed out that it’s essential that mentors are also actively teaching and in contact with a class, while they should also be financially compensated adequately for their role. When it comes to the role of the new teacher, they suggested that the induction programme should be mandatory. Finally, another point that was made, was that professional advancement should be evaluated not only by points, but also by the type of teacher in the classroom.
The seminar in Slovenia brought forward some important issues. A strong suggestion, that was also made in similar events in other countries of the project was the importance of the evaluation during both programmes, since even excellent teachers might be weak in this area. Specifically for Slovenia, the teacher’s age was highlighted as an issue, while another suggestion was to implement the materials developed by LOOP as soon as possible. Such events help improve project results and ensure that the impact on the teacher’s career is overall positive.
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