Teacher Career


A formal teachers’ induction programme will be designed, based on mentoring activities and including tools and resources to support new teachers initiating their careers.

The programme will enable participants adaptation to their profession and new workplace culture, covering professional issues, legal/administrative topics of the teaching profession and socio-cultural aspects related to the school/cluster of schools norms/processes where the new teachers are to be allocated.

Consult the teachers’ induction programme in your country.

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Formal training of mentors’ programmes will provide the opportunity for experienced teachers and school leaders to embrace a new career option.

Mentors will be trained to act as facilitators in the deployment of effective and formal teacher’s induction programmes. It will be populated with guidelines for mentors and resources to use, dedicated to experienced teachers and school leaders willing to become mentors of their less-experienced peers while embracing a new career option.

Consult the mentors’ programme in your country.

Available soon

Project LOOP- Empowering teachers personal, professional and social continuous development through innovative peer-induction programmes (626148-EPP-1- 2020-2- PT-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY)

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