Exploitation Event | Italy

The Italian Exploitation Event, held after Policy Event 3, was a crucial moment following the successful conclusion of the European LOOP project and the implementation of the mentorship course, setting a significant precedent for the future of educational development in Italy.

The event celebrated the results of the project and laid the foundations for future initiatives to maintain and expand the mentorship programme through the support of institutional players (INDIRE and USRs – Ufficio Scolastico Regionale).

The partnership with INDIRE was emphasised as a key factor in the success of the project, as it provided essential support that significantly improved the results. This partnership is not only seen as a past achievement, but as a key element for ongoing and future projects. The event emphasised the project’s potential in influencing policy decisions, particularly in shaping the career paths of experienced teachers to support new recruits.

Participants at the event expressed a strong commitment to using the framework established by the LOOP project to create a comprehensive mentoring ecosystem. A collective intent emerged to not only preserve the project results, but also to expand and refine them to achieve a broader impact on the national education system. The event was conceived as the beginning of a series of actions to strengthen and improve mentoring practices, ensuring their effective integration into Italian educational policies and practices. 

Looking forward, the discussions highlighted the need for strategic collaborations and a systematic approach to the implementation of these mentoring programmes in the various Italian regions. The enthusiasm and constructive feedback from the event pointed to a unified goal: to establish a sustainable, effective, and flexible mentoring programme that can serve as a model of good practice.