Here you can find information on project publications, such as the Policy Brief 3 and the White Paper, as well as project activities and meetings, along with highlights from the Final conference in Lisbon, Portugal!

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Policy Seminar 3: “The results of the pilot implementation of LOOP – The impact of a Teachers’ Induction Programme and a Mentors’ Capacity Programme on the teaching profession” Institute of Educational Policy, Greece

With more than 400 attendees (directors of education, teacher advisors, and school headmasters) from the region of Attica, the Institute of Educational Policy held the Policy Seminar 3 entitled “The results of the pilot implementation of LOOP – The impact of a Teachers’ Induction Programme and a Mentors’ Capacity Programme on the teaching profession”, on 16 February 2024.

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On February 15th, the 3rd LOOP Educational Policies Seminar was held at the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon, which aimed to present and debate the report “Educational policy recommendations, based on the implementation of mentor training programs and induction programs, based on mentoring”.

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International Educational Webinar – “Policy actions for Effective Induction and Teacher Career Transformation”

Institute of Educational Policy and Ministry of Education, Slovenia Republic as partners of the European LOOP project – Empowering Teachers, would like to invite you to participate in the International Educational Policy Webinar of the project, scheduled on February 27, 2024, at 13:00 to 14:00 CET.   

To attend the webinar registration is required through this link: https://shorturl.at/uCHX7

This webinar is intended to be a moment to share the knowledge acquired during the LOOP project and to launch a public debate on a set of actions and political conditions necessary for the successful implementation of induction programmes based on mentoring activities.  

The webinar explores the main political factors that can contribute to the development and sustainability of solid induction actions, which can help increase the attractiveness of the profession and support teachers by recognising the importance of peer work, taking as reference the LOOP White Paper: Empowering Teachers – Enhancing Teacher Induction through Mentoring Activities.  

The LOOP White Paper aims to systematise relevant information about the action carried out in the LOOP project in all the countries of the consortium (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia), seeking to generate innovation at a systemic and political level, thus contributing to the identification of challenges and the consideration of strategies in the different participating countries. 


LOOP is an experimentation project, which aims to contribute to changing the educational policies that regulate the different stages of the teaching profession, by structuring an induction programme for teachers, based on mentoring, applicable at the beginning of their activity and/or when teachers are facing a new work culture (change of school and/or change of functions). 

 To know LOOP in more detail,  

LOOP: Priopćenje za tisak 3!

Projekt LOOP najavljuje uspješan završetak terenskih ispitivanja Programa uvođenja u rad učitelja i Programa osposobljavanja mentora te vas poziva na završnu konferenciju

Mjesec dana prije službenog zatvaranja LOOP projekta, oduševljeni smo što možemo otkriti rezultate terenskih ispitivanja koja se fokusiraju na programe uvođenja učitelja i mentora. Ispitivanja su provedena u odabranim školama diljem Portugala, Grčke, Slovenije, Španjolske, Hrvatske i Italije tijekom prve polovice 2023. Uoči terenskih ispitivanja organiziran je niz događaja koji su uključivali ukupno 1072 učitelja, uključujući tečaj za mentore, radionicu Moj program uvođenja i informativne sesije za mentore i nove učitelje. To je rezultiralo aktivnim sudjelovanjem 1017 učitelja u terenskim ispitivanjima.

Ključni nalazi s nacionalnih događaja sintetizirani su u usporednom izvješću koje nudi uvid u faze pripreme i provedbe u svakoj zemlji partneru. Ovo će izvješće uskoro biti dostupno na web stranici projekta. Terenska ispitivanja imala su za cilj potvrditi sedam hipoteza ključnih za projekt LOOP, koristeći alate kao što su ankete, fokusne grupe i online intervjui.

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LOOP Workshop in Planica: A Milestone in Educational Development

In the serene and inspiring environment of Planica, Slovenia, known for its natural beauty and tranquility, a significant event recently took place that marked a turning point in the educational landscape of Slovenia. A dissemination workshop was organized, bringing together various professionals from the Ministry of Education. The primary focus of this event was to discuss and strategise the integration of the LOOP project into the Slovene school system.

The workshop in Planica was not just a meeting; it was a breeding ground for ideas, strategies, and collaborative efforts. Professionals from different educational work backgrounds came together, united by a common goal – to effectively implement the LOOP project in a way that it resonates with the needs and aspirations of both teachers and pupils/students.

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The LOOP Project – Empowering Teachers’ Personal, Professional, and Social Continuous Development through Innovative Peer-Induction Programmes aims to implement a systemic action that ensures the induction of teachers at the beginning of their professional activity, supported by mentorship, seeking political legitimacy, particularly through the definition of a legal framework suitable for the national contexts of the countries within the consortium (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Italy).

The work carried out as part of the project over the past two years has led to the publication of two Policy Briefs, culminating now in the preparation of this Policy Report 3: On field trials – the impact of a teacher’s induction programme and a mentors’ capacity programme on the teaching profession. This report is a result of Work Package (WP) number 4 “Developing policy recommendations from field activities” of the LOOP project.

Policy Report 3, targeting the same audience as the two previous reports, aims to make known the induction programme and the mentors’ capacity programme’s impact on the teaching profession. It highlights the challenges faced during their implementation, presents the main conclusions drawn from this experience (namely regarding the changes in career opportunities, the motivation of experienced teachers and school principals, and the professional development and motivation of beginning teachers), and provides recommendations that are considered to be of great relevance for decision-making in the context of the future definition and implementation of these programmes.

The objectives of this report are aligned with those of the LOOP project, as they aim to develop the implementation of formal teacher induction programmes and informal practices, as well as mentors’ capacity programmes. These programmes are significant for both facilitating access to the teaching profession and maintaining the quality of its practice.

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Tackling Educational Challenges: LOOP Project Unveiled at International Conference

The LOOP project made its debut at the 16th annual International Conference of Education, Research, and Innovation, attracting the attention of global researchers and experts in education and technology.

The presentation kicked off by addressing the challenges that inspired the project, outlining its objectives with precision. As part of the methodology, the authors elucidated key concepts, such as co-designing solutions, experimenting with policies, and implementing a teacher induction program based on mentoring and peer mentoring.

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Here you can find information on project publications, such as the Teacher’s Induction Programmes and Mentors Capacity Programmes, the field trials and policy seminars, as well as project activities and meetings, along with the growth of the LOOP network in all partner countries!

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