Framework for the design of innovative peer-induction programmes

The report will include a comparative analysis of the national findings and the identification of the common aspects, learnings gaps and recommendations for the policy instruments design.

Training of mentors’ programme

Formal training of mentors’ programmes will train experienced teachers and school leaders facilitates
the deployment of effective and formal teacher’s induction programmes. It will be populated with guidelines for mentors and resources to use, dedicated to experienced teachers and school leaders willing to become mentors of their less experienced peers, while embracing a new career option.

Teachers’ induction programmes

It will be based in mentoring activities, tools and resources to use, addressing the new teachers initiating their career paths and supporting them in adapting to new workplace culture, covering professionals issues, legal/administrative topics of the teaching profession and socio-cultural aspects related to the school/cluster of schools norms/processes where the new teachers are to be allocated.
Scientific report: Validation of the LOOP policy instruments

White paper: Policy recommendations for teacher’s induction programmes

The White paper for policy action on the teaching profession and careers will suggest a roadmap for policy action for the development of concrete policy actions at national and European levels for a more accurate approach to teachers’ induction programmes and career options, contributing to the upscaling, exploitation and mainstreaming of the LOOP results of the experimentation held in the seven countries of the consortium.