Policy Experimentation

Background analysis

An in-deep analysis of the state-of-the-art was conducted at the national level, focusing on tools and programmes that enable teacher’s professional development, with a focus on mentoring and induction programmes addressing peer learning.

Consult the national reports HERE (GreeceCroatia, Italy, Portugal,  Spain, Germany, Slovenia) and the comparative report. Further, a catalogue of good practices is also available here.

LOOP model

Model for Teachers Induction and Career Progression was designed.

It presents a framework underlying the concepts, structure, objectives and features that the two policy instruments must comply with (the teachers’ induction programme and a mentors’ capacitation programme).

Consult the LOOP model here.

Policy experimentation

The LOOP policy instruments and intervention model (teachers’ induction programmes and a mentors’ programme) was tested through field trials in real school environments.

Consult the national reports HERE (Greece, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia) with the findings of the experimentation and the comparative report.

Policy Briefs

Regular policy briefs analysing the findings, conclusions and lessons learned from the fieldwork were made available.

These briefs mirror the progress and the knowledge building through experimentation.

Consult the three policy briefs.

Policy brief 1 Current landscapes of the educational systems: challenges and opportunities for a new approach to a teaching career

Policy Brief 2 New policy instruments – a Model for Teachers Induction and Career Progression

Policy Brief 3 The programmes impact on the teaching profession

White Paper

A white paper with recommendations for policy action for more accurate approaches to teachers’ induction programmes, based on the conclusions of the fieldwork will be published, supporting the upscaling, exploitation and mainstreaming of LOOP policy measures at different levels to be explored.

Consult the LOOP white paper.


Project LOOP- Empowering teachers personal, professional and social continuous development through innovative peer-induction programmes (626148-EPP-1- 2020-2- PT-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY)

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