2nd Policy Seminar | GREECE

The second LOOP Greek Policy Seminar, which featured the presentation of the 2nd LOOP Policy Brief, was held on June 7, 2023, through a web conference tool (Microsoft Teams).

Organized by the Institute of Education Policy (IEP), the seminar was integrated into a larger event focused on teacher trainers, including teacher advisors, headmasters, and experienced educators, within the context of new Greek Curriculums.

Despite the virtual setting, the seminar drew a substantial audience of 535 participants, comprising teacher advisors, headmasters, and experienced teachers, who engaged in discussions surrounding the LOOP project. Ioannis Antoniou, President of the IEP, and members of the IEP LOOP team actively participated in the seminar, providing valuable insights into the project’s objectives and outcomes.

The participants expressed unanimous agreement on the adequacy of the recommendations outlined in the Policy Brief 2, acknowledging the challenges identified and the proposed solutions. Particularly noteworthy was the positive reception of the Mentors’ Capacity Programme within the LOOP framework, deemed crucial for enhancing professional development opportunities for educators, especially in light of recent legislative developments (law 4823/2021) concerning mentors.

Reflecting on the seminar, the decision to incorporate it into a broader event for teacher trainers was strategic. This approach allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the LOOP program and its materials among the approximately 12,000 teachers engaged in training for the new curricula. Moreover, it emphasized the pivotal role of educators in supporting the institutionalization of mentoring processes nationwide.

The seminar received active participation from various education stakeholders, including school advisors, principals, and experienced teachers, who highlighted the significance of their roles as mentors or facilitators of mentorship programs within their respective schools.

In terms of impact, the seminar’s alignment with key stakeholders responsible for implementing and supporting mentoring initiatives across the country underscored its relevance in shaping education policies and practices.

In summary, the second LOOP Greek Policy Seminar provided a platform for meaningful discourse on the challenges and opportunities within teacher career development, emphasizing the importance of mentorship programs in fostering continuous professional growth. By fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas, the seminar contributed to advancing the objectives of the LOOP project and promoting excellence in education.

Below are highlights from the webinar: