2nd Policy Seminar | PORTUGAL

The LOOP Policy Seminar held in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 19, 2023, provided valuable insights into the implementation of mentoring-based induction programs within the Portuguese educational context. The attendance was about approximately 25 participants, the seminar facilitated interesting discussions on the recommendations outlined in the Policy Brief.

During the seminar, participants emphasized the suitability of the recommendations presented in the Policy Brief for the Portuguese educational landscape. They highlighted the importance of structured and flexible induction programs with various activities promoting reflection. Additionally, the training of mentors was underscored as a crucial factor for the success of these programs.

The discussions also shed light on the anticipated impact of implementing mentoring-based induction programs. Participants identified several potential benefits, including reducing the “shock with reality” experienced by new teachers, enhancing their effectiveness, fostering motivation among both new teachers and mentors, and contributing to teacher retention in the profession.

However, participants noted that the widespread implementation of mentoring-based induction programs would require political approval and the establishment of necessary conditions. They emphasized the need for regulatory measures to support the implementation of induction programs and the training of mentors. Collaboration with relevant bodies within the Ministries of Education was deemed essential in this regard.

One of the most significant moments of the seminar was the panel discussion featuring project participants, including directors, mentors, and mentees, who shared their experiences in implementing the induction program. This firsthand account provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of the program’s implementation.

Looking ahead, there were suggestions to extend the duration of future seminars and increase participant numbers to foster more extensive discussions and collaboration. By advocating for supportive educational policies and collaborative initiatives, stakeholders can work towards the widespread implementation of mentoring-based induction programs across the educational landscape. In conclusion, the LOOP Policy Seminar in Portugal served as a platform for meaningful discourse on the challenges and opportunities associated with mentoring-based induction programs. Moving forward, efforts should focus on policy advocacy and collaborative initiatives to support the implementation of these programs and enhance teacher professional development in Portugal.

Below are highlights from the seminar: