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3rd Policy Seminar | ITALY

The LOOP Policy Seminar held in Italy on March 21, 2024, convened 14 participants for an insightful discussion on the implementation of teacher induction programs. The seminar delved into the adequacy, impact, political approval, and implementation of policy recommendations, shedding light on crucial aspects of mentor training and induction processes.


Participants highlighted the relevance of LOOP recommendations in structuring formal mentoring courses for new teachers in Italy. The Mentor Capacitation Course received positive feedback for its quality content, marking  a demand for specialized training among educators. Suggestions were made to optimize the course further, emphasizing practical application and interactive sessions to improve participant engagement and effectiveness.


While the impact of policy recommendations may vary, the seminar revealed the potential of mentor training programs to positively influence teacher loyalty and job satisfaction. Engaging mentors in meaningful activities can strengthen their dedication to the profession and contribute to a more committed teaching workforce.

Political Approval:

Discussions underscored the need for collaborative action between educational institutions, regional school offices, and the Ministry of Education to implement mentor training programs effectively. Formal recognition and accreditation for training courses were deemed essential to motivate mentors and integrate programs into national teacher development strategies.

Implementation after LOOP Experimentation:

Successful implementation of mentor training courses highlighted plans for expansion and national integration. Stakeholder collaboration is crucial for formal recognition and accreditation, ensuring mentorship programs are valued within the educational system.


The seminar’s highest point was the discussion on structured recognition and compensation for mentors, reflecting a shared commitment to enhancing education through effective mentorship. Initiating discussions posed challenges, but contributions from educators and policymakers bridged gaps and led to productive exchanges.

Suggestions for Future Seminars:

-Incorporate broader testimonials from teachers who completed the course.

-Extend discussion durations to facilitate deeper exploration of topics.

-Invite more testimonials to share LOOP experiences. -Schedule seminars outside of March to optimize attendance and participation

International Educational Webinar: “Policy actions for Effective Induction and Teacher Career Transformation”

The Institute of Educational Policy and the Ministry of Education of Slovenia Republic as partners of the European LOOP project – Empowering Teachers, held on February 27, 2024, at 12:00 to 13:00 UTC, an International Educational Policy Webinar in the context of LOOP project with more than 85 attendees.

This webinar intended to share the knowledge acquired during the LOOP project and to launch a public debate on a set of actions and political conditions necessary for the successful implementation of induction programmes based on mentoring activities.

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LOOP International Webinar | Portugal

The General Directorate of School Administration (DGAE) of the Ministry of Education of Portugal (DGAE) as partner of the European LOOP project – Empowering Teachers, held on March 8, 2024, at 12:00 to 12:30 UTC, an International Educational Policy Webinar in the context of LOOP project with more than 30 attendees.

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3rd Policy Seminar | CROATIA

The LOOP Policy Seminar in Croatia, held on January 20, 2024, in Split, brought together 18 participants for a discussion on the future of teacher induction programs. Organized in conjunction with an exploitation event at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Split, the seminar received positive feedback from decision-makers and participants.

The seminar successfully addressed policy recommendations and stimulated discussion, despite a smaller number of participants compared to previous events. Notably, representatives from the Education and Teacher Training Agency participated, highlighting the importance of their involvement in supporting teachers from the project’s inception.

Concerns were raised about the sustainability of the programs after the project completion, with participants emphasizing the need for continued support and usage of program outcomes to enhance the teaching profession. As Croatia works in its educational landscape, collaboration and commitment to teacher development remain essential for promoting a challenging learning environment for educators and students.

LOOP Project White Paper: Empowering Teachers – Enhancing Teacher Induction through mentoring Activities

Education systems are currently facing significant challenges, related to the need to attract a large number of new teachers and to continue to support teachers already in the system, avoiding early departure.

In addition, the current reality in schools is different, with new teachers arriving, some without the appropriate professional qualifications to carry out their duties, as a result of teacher shortages. The induction programme is therefore essential for them to develop a wide range of competencies and take ownership of the professional culture.

The adoption of field-tested actions, such as the LOOP experiment, makes it possible to effectively guide policies towards access to excellent training programmes that respond to the real needs of teachers and students.

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LOOP Conference

Empowering Education — Effective Induction Policies to Enhance the Teaching Profession in Europe.

Join us in exploring the highlights from the recent Final Conference of the LOOP project, which convened on February 20th. Held at the prestigious Salão Nobre of the Rectory of the Universidade de Lisboa, the conference centered around the theme Empowering Education – Effective Induction Policies to Enhance the Teaching Profession in Europe.

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3rd Policy Seminar | Spain

The LOOP Policy Seminar held in Barcelona on February 14, 2024, provided crucial insights into the implementation of mentoring-based induction programs in Catalonia. The attendance of around 25 participants promoted interesting  discussions on the recommendations outlined in the Policy Brief. 

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Here you can find information on project publications, such as the Policy Brief 3 and the White Paper, as well as project activities and meetings, along with highlights from the Final conference in Lisbon, Portugal!

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Policy Seminar 3: “The results of the pilot implementation of LOOP – The impact of a Teachers’ Induction Programme and a Mentors’ Capacity Programme on the teaching profession” Institute of Educational Policy, Greece

With more than 400 attendees (directors of education, teacher advisors, and school headmasters) from the region of Attica, the Institute of Educational Policy held the Policy Seminar 3 entitled “The results of the pilot implementation of LOOP – The impact of a Teachers’ Induction Programme and a Mentors’ Capacity Programme on the teaching profession”, on 16 February 2024.

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On February 15th, the 3rd LOOP Educational Policies Seminar was held at the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon, which aimed to present and debate the report “Educational policy recommendations, based on the implementation of mentor training programs and induction programs, based on mentoring”.

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