Exploitation Event | Spain

The exploration event took place both online and in person in the Department of Education (Barcelona. Spain) on the 6th of March 2024 and was not related to the Policy Brief 3 seminar, that took place some weeks before at the University of Vic.

There was the General director for school innovation (Joan Cuevas) and general subdirector of innovation (Jesús Moral), people from their staff, teachers and headteachers involved into the LOOP and SENSEI program, and the UVIC LOOP team.

It was a splendid opportunity to present the final LOOP results to the Catalan government who is implementing the SENSEI induction pilot program, and to the Catalan agency of public policy assessment (IVALUA) who evaluate the SENSEI development and impacts. The SENSEI program was already based on the LOOP materials and orientations and the E16 was a great opportunity to have an update.

It was a very fruitful and detailed 2 hours presentation and discussion session in which the Catalan government knew about the LOOP results and impacts and used them to learn from and to contrast with their own paths.

It was also a session with dozens of headteachers and teachers involved both in the LOOP and SENSEI projects for whom was very interesting to know the LOOP results and impacts. Both the Catalan government and the (head)teachers were very thankful to the LOOP project because they are using them as a guide and contrast to improve the SENSEI implementation.