Exploitation Event | Greece

The event was organized jointly by the Dept of Social and Education Policy of the University of Peloponnese and the Regional Directorate of the Peloponnese and delivered through a distance communication platform. It was attended by nearly eighty school directors, mentors, new teachers, school advisors and representatives from both organizers.

Attendees were presented with the results of the LOOP project, shared their experiences with the pilot phase and discussed ways in which the project results would become sustainable within the Greek education context.

All participants evaluated that the LOOP project was instrumental in establishing a clear professional role model for mentors in a period that this new role was officially  implemented in the Greek context. It allowed all participants to realize the complexities involved in the implementation of mentoring as a scheme for guiding new teachers.

Finally it was proposed that the LOOP model could be adopted as a national model for training mentors in the Greek system. Its materials were proposed to be disseminated at a national scale so as to act as guides for facilitating the implementation of the newly launched mentor scheme. Furthermore, a series of policy proposals were put forward after an extensive discussion among all participants about providing incentives to experienced teachers to undertake the role of mentors as well as organizational arrangements within schools so as to facilitate the realization of the mentoring relationship without overburdening the workload of the participants.