The LOOP Project – Empowering Teachers’ Personal, Professional, and Social Continuous Development through Innovative Peer-Induction Programmes aims to implement a systemic action that ensures the induction of teachers at the beginning of their professional activity, supported by mentorship, seeking political legitimacy, particularly through the definition of a legal framework suitable for the national contexts of the countries within the consortium (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Italy).

The work carried out as part of the project over the past two years has led to the publication of two Policy Briefs, culminating now in the preparation of this Policy Report 3: On field trials – the impact of a teacher’s induction programme and a mentors’ capacity programme on the teaching profession. This report is a result of Work Package (WP) number 4 “Developing policy recommendations from field activities” of the LOOP project.

Policy Report 3, targeting the same audience as the two previous reports, aims to make known the induction programme and the mentors’ capacity programme’s impact on the teaching profession. It highlights the challenges faced during their implementation, presents the main conclusions drawn from this experience (namely regarding the changes in career opportunities, the motivation of experienced teachers and school principals, and the professional development and motivation of beginning teachers), and provides recommendations that are considered to be of great relevance for decision-making in the context of the future definition and implementation of these programmes.

The objectives of this report are aligned with those of the LOOP project, as they aim to develop the implementation of formal teacher induction programmes and informal practices, as well as mentors’ capacity programmes. These programmes are significant for both facilitating access to the teaching profession and maintaining the quality of its practice.

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