Spain’s 2nd Policy Seminary at UVIC-UCC

A gathering that brought together representatives from the Catalan Ministry of Education, spearheading the SENSEI pilot induction program. The event saw active participation from UVIC-UCC professors engaged in both the LOOP project and teachers’ training.

Additionally, Professor Haira Gandolfi from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge provided valuable insights, offering a brief contrast to the English induction model assessment.

Participants at the seminar emphasized the significance of all dimensions of induction, with particular attention to the sociocultural, relational and emotional aspects. It became evident that a robust and effective induction program must prioritize these dimensions for optimal outcomes.

A noteworthy revelation from the seminar was the unanimous agreement on the importance of co-teaching activities as a highly valuable methodology within the induction programme.

Participants underscored that the induction programme could serve as a potent tool for promoting teacher retention, but they highlighted it as a good tool for attracting new teachers and increasing the motivation of the experienced ones.

Moreover, there was a consensus that induction programmes can be significantly enhanced through collaborative development involving active participation from government bodies, universities, and schools.