LOOP is getting support by Public Authorities: Ministry of Science and Education of Croatia involved with LOOP Project 

We are happy to announce that LOOP project is gaining support by Public Authorities outside the partnership. This milestone is achieved through the Croatian public authorities, and more specifically the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education. 

The support of the Croatian Ministry comes in the form of appointing contact persons and representatives, who were actively involved in project outputs. More specifically, a contact person was appointed from the Directorate for Support and Improvement of the Education System – Service for European Union Programs and Projects, who contributed to the first Work Package by providing feedback and offering additional resources. Ministry representatives were also in attendance in the project’s 2nd Transnational Meeting in the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as in the Policy Making Workshop. Those experienced professionals offered an objective perspective and expert knowledge on induction programmes based on mentoring, as well as suggestions for improvement based on their own experience from Croatia’s national educational system.  

The involvement of the highest national body related to the project’s topic is undoubtedly an achievement of high importance that will help LOOP not only to better disseminate the project’s results, but also to achieve higher quality outputs with even bigger impact. 

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