International Educational Webinar – “Policy actions for Effective Induction and Teacher Career Transformation”

Institute of Educational Policy and Ministry of Education, Slovenia Republic as partners of the European LOOP project – Empowering Teachers, would like to invite you to participate in the International Educational Policy Webinar of the project, scheduled on February 27, 2024, at 13:00 to 14:00 CET.   

To attend the webinar registration is required through this link:

This webinar is intended to be a moment to share the knowledge acquired during the LOOP project and to launch a public debate on a set of actions and political conditions necessary for the successful implementation of induction programmes based on mentoring activities.  

The webinar explores the main political factors that can contribute to the development and sustainability of solid induction actions, which can help increase the attractiveness of the profession and support teachers by recognising the importance of peer work, taking as reference the LOOP White Paper: Empowering Teachers – Enhancing Teacher Induction through Mentoring Activities.  

The LOOP White Paper aims to systematise relevant information about the action carried out in the LOOP project in all the countries of the consortium (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia), seeking to generate innovation at a systemic and political level, thus contributing to the identification of challenges and the consideration of strategies in the different participating countries. 


LOOP is an experimentation project, which aims to contribute to changing the educational policies that regulate the different stages of the teaching profession, by structuring an induction programme for teachers, based on mentoring, applicable at the beginning of their activity and/or when teachers are facing a new work culture (change of school and/or change of functions). 

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