Tackling Educational Challenges: LOOP Project Unveiled at International Conference

The LOOP project made its debut at the 16th annual International Conference of Education, Research, and Innovation, attracting the attention of global researchers and experts in education and technology.

The presentation kicked off by addressing the challenges that inspired the project, outlining its objectives with precision. As part of the methodology, the authors elucidated key concepts, such as co-designing solutions, experimenting with policies, and implementing a teacher induction program based on mentoring and peer mentoring.

The authors also delineated the primary dimensions of teaching, encompassing scientific, pedagogical-didactic, bureaucratic-administrative, sociocultural, and emotional areas.

During the conference, the project’s significant outcomes were highlighted, focusing particularly on:

  • Research conducted in the initial phase across the seven countries within the consortium
  • The participatory design of policy instruments and associated events

Looking ahead, the forthcoming months will witness authors presenting results from the implementation of the teachers’ induction program in partnership schools, along with policy recommendations for its seamless integration into regional or national education policies and practices.

For those interested, the conference article can be accessed here, and the poster is available here. Stay tuned for updates and follow the project on social media!