Policy Seminar in Croatia: A Reflection

In the recent Policy seminar implemented in June, participants were immersed in a two-part exploration of the challenges and opportunities set by the Teacher Induction and Mentor Capacity Programmes developed through LOOP project. The event, aimed at new and experienced teachers, brought together professionals from various schools to discuss the implementation of programs and the ways they impact their institutions.

The highest moment of the seminar was an eye-opening exchange of individual experiences and challenges faced by teachers in their respective schools. As teachers shared their struggles, they collectively envisioned how program implementations could be the catalyst for transformative improvements. It was an invaluable moment that emphasized the power of collaborative dialogue in shaping the future of education.

Main Conclusions

  • Empowering Young Teachers: The Teacher Induction Programme offers a sense of security and support for young teachers as they embark on their careers. It provides a contrast to the existing system, giving them a boost of confidence in their roles.
  • Mentorship Appreciation: Mentors that participated in the field trials felt that contributed to the smooth and efficient induction of new teachers and invented a new career pathway for themselves. Their experience is now more welcomed and appreciated, leading to a more enriched mentoring experience.
  • Strengthening Teacher Relationships: The project promotes a healthier and more productive relationship between experienced teachers, serving as mentors, and the younger educators. This enhanced cooperation fosters a dynamic environment for growth and innovation.